Brent Hoskins

An up and coming web developer.

Not Your Average Web Developer

I design and code beautifully simple things, and I love what I do.

Investing in the Future

Invensting in the future of the Web Development industry is something I  am passionate about. I have created Operation Code Club which teaches programming fundamentals to children of all ages.

I am a motivated full stack developer, with close to 4 years’ experience in web development. My years in the military have taught me how to follow instruction and how to lead, how to be a team player, and pay attention to the little details. I am also dedicated to developing our future programmers, by designing an after-school program for Saint Roberts Catholic School


Things I enjoy designing

UX/UI, Web, Mobile, Logos, Fliers

Design Tools

GIMP 2.0



Full Stack Developer

Languages I speak

HTML, PUG, CSS SASS, LESS, PHP, Python, JavaScript, SQL, JQuery

Development Tools







Where I Teach

ST. Roberts Catholic School

Coaching Stats

Teaching 5th-8th graders

over 20 Students per class

Tynker Certified


Here are a few recent design projects. Want to see more? Email Me

Military Dodgeball Management Application

Website for NATO forces to sign up for a Dodgeball tournment. Not only could they sign up it managed the tournament Bracket.

Tags: Python, Django

Chargin Tutoring

Website I designed for a private tutor. Unfortunately, it was never published.

Tags: HTML 5, JADE, SASS, JavaScript

The Mustard Seed Lifestyles

WordPress Blog site, completly custom divi child theme.

Tags: WordPress, Divi, Custom CSS, PHP


A WordPress website, for a competitive eSports organization dedicated to its players.

Tags: WordPress, Divi, Custom CSS, Dynamic, Custom Plugins

Out of the Haze

A WordPress website, powered by Divi. This site is completely dynamic, meaning that client can update content on the page from the wordpress admin site at any time.

Tags: WordPress, Divi, Custom CSS, Dynamic, Custom Plugins

Dorien Michaels

Dorien started House Michaels as a way to build the type of company for which he always wanted to work, a company that would utilize his talents and passions and provide him a platform to speak to the world in his own language.

Tags: WordPress, Divi, Custom CSS, Dynamic, Custom Plugins

Far-East Advisory Inc.

Far-East Advisory Inc. is focused on bridging the business development gap between the far-east and the United States by helping companies expand in either region.  With over 40 years of experience in research and development, marketing, public relations, product sourcing, 

Tags: WordPress, Divi, Custom CSS, Dynamic, Custom Plugins

Empire Japan Resorts

ERI is committed to helping our project partners maximize success through the vehicles of their various undertakings.  Optimizing returns by making projects become reality as quickly and as profitably as possible is our number one goal. 

Tags: WordPress, Divi, Custom CSS, Dynamic, Custom Plugins

Refresh Credit Funding

Our credit repair experts can analyze your credit situation and recommend the best possible way to help you achieve your credit goals!

Tags: WordPress, Divi, Custom CSS, Dynamic, Custom Plugins


I try to create post about web development, design, and life. When I have the time.

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